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Anambas Ferry
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Anambas Ferry
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Hotels Anambas

Because Anambas has not yet appeared on the radar of the vast majority of international tourism bodies, there's been little need or, indeed, local interest or drive, to create accommodation establishments. This has for the most part been a chicken-egg situation.

However, the past few years, this has begun to change. Ever so gradually, Anambas is being featured in some travel articles, particularly, and understandably, those with a slant towards trailblazing new frontiers, exploring and, naturally, scubadiving. Yachting magazines, as well as backpacker forums have made some forays into Anambas and the raving reviews are now paving the way for an imminent discovery of the archipelago by mainstream tourism.

If you want to see Anambas while it's still blissfully authentic and unspoilt by mass tourism, perhaps Asia's last hidden paradise, then now is the time to go. These are the resorts, hotels and hostels that are available: Wisma Sakura, Tarempak Beach Hotel, Hang Tuah, Anambas Dive Resort, Kusuma Resort and Anambas Inn

If you're looking for a little slice of heaven, a tropical paradise, to while away your lazy days in Anambas, then head for Pulau Bawah or Anambas Resort, or perhaps Piugus Resort, or Nongkat Cottage by the Beach.

Do note that due to the remoteness of the islands, Wi-Fi may not always be up in the hotels. In other words, if you're sending your accommodation inquiry by email, then a little patience will go a long way.

That said, if you prefer having your room booking confirmed instantly, then just call, Whatsapp or SMS +62 81270 46 1163 for on-the-spot room reservations. Incidentally, homestay and dorms are also available.

Hotels Anambas
Hotels Anambas

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