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Pantai Kusik Beach

Kusik Beach is located on the island of Jemaja. It takes about half an hour to reach when traveling by moped and you may need to traverse a hilly section that's only accessible on foot. But Pantai Kusik's gently sloping beach, exceptionally soft white sand and beautiful green-blue waterline are ever so worth the trip.

Just opposite the beach is another island that is actually close enough to walk to if and when the tide is low.

Kusik Beach is peppered with coconut trees that are thick with their sweet watery fruit. The sea at Kusik Beach is calm and as clear as liquid glass. And since Kusik Beach faces the north, the sunset seems to last for ever. In fact, if ever there was a beach made in heaven, Kusik Beach surely is it.

Kusik Beach, a slice of tropical paradise
Kusik Beach, a slice of tropical paradise