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Pasir Manang

If you're on the Anambas Islands, then do make sure you pay a visit to Pasir Manang. Pasir Manang is without doubt one of the Anambas Archipelago's prettiest islands. White sandy beaches, peppered with coconut trees and fringed by the clearest coral-rich sea waters you'll see, Pasir Manang looks to have jumped right out of a glossy travel magazine.

The fact that Pasir Manang is uninhabited and possesses a quiet serenity that you can only dream of makes this little section of Anambas an absolute must-see.

Don't forget to bring your camera, because Pasir Manang is just too beautiful to put into mere words when you're going to tell your family and friends of the raw untouched beauty that you encountered here.

Pasir Manang - do make sure it's on your list.

Unprecedented beauty - Pasir Manang
Unprecedented beauty - Pasir Manang