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Tenggiling Island

A little emerald gem amidst a clear blue sea, Tenggiling Island, reputedly one of Anambas' most beautiful islands, is ideal for a fun day of sun, sand, sea and snorkeling.

Tenggiling, named after the spiny anteaters that used to be found in these parts, is blessed with two secluded beaches on opposing sides of the island that not only are superb for beach and water activities, but also afford wonderful views.

The beach on the east coast of Tenggiling has a lovely view of the islands on its east quadrant. Meanwhile, Tenggiling's southeastern beach, considered by many to be its main beach, has a more panoramic view. It's awesome, because you can see clearly from north all the way around to south, a full 180 degrees.

But Tenggiling has more to offer. One of its various appeals, apart from its blissful serenity and idyllic surroundings, is the fact that Tenggiling is sheltered by Pulau Mubur and Pulau Matak.

These fairly large islands ensure that the waters around Tenggiling are always calm and inviting. You won't find and large surf or beach break crashing down on Tenggiling's beaches. In fact, Tenggiling's beach is tranquil pretty much year-round, which is part of its draw amongst snorkelers and beach revelers looking for a quiet day of lounging, napping and reading at.

Tenggiling is accessible to larger boats too, as the waters that surround the island's shallows are deep enough to accommodate bigger vessels. These coordinates indicate a suitable anchorage 03°22.64'N 106°14.00'E.

As Tenggiling has quite a few little islands dotted around it at a mere stone's throw away, together, this little island cluster forms an underwater sanctuary for all kinds of fish species. And this makes Tenggiling a perfect spot for angling, from the shore, a boat, or even a kayak. Awesome if you're planning a beach BBQ later that evening. Freshly-caught fish sizzling-hot from the barbie :)

Life's great at Tenggiling.