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Eureka Snacks

Eureka! is the famous interjection exclaimed, so it's been said, by Archimedes, upon the moment of his discovery.

Well, several years ago, the makers of Eureka Snacks were similarly struck by a moment of clarity when it dawned upon them that they'd found a way to make popcorn so much yummier than the typical popcorn available at the time.

But wait... why an article about popcorn in the website of the ferry to Anambas? Because we recognize that the ferry journey to Letung and Tarempa can be a bit longer than most tummies can bear. This is why we recommend that passengers bring along a couple of packets of snacks.

Which brings us back to Eureka Snacks. So what exactly is it about Eureka Snacks popcorn that makes this popcorn the number one choice for most discerning consumers, as compared to cinema popcorn, for instance? In fact, supermarket popcorn, microwave popcorn and other generic popcorn types simply can't hold a candle to Eureka Snacks popcorn. What's Eureka Snacks' secret?

For starters, Eureka Snacks popcorn is made without any preservatives or transfats. Additionally, the kernels used are acquired from strictly non-GMO sources only. What's more, Eureka Snacks popcorn are perfectly spherical in shape upon having popped.

This regular popcorn shape, indicative of the more premium kernels known as mushroom popcorn, doesn't only lead to a more enjoyable mouthfeel, it also eliminates the sharp edges that you get in the cheaper types of popcorn, the so-called butterfly variety of popcorn. Better yet, any whole unpopped kernels that you sometimes encounter in butterfly popcorn are preemptively filtered out during the Eureka Snacks production process. It's not called gourmet popcorn for nothing.

Are Eureka Snacks the same price as your run-of-the-mill popcorn? No, the cost of Eureka Snacks popcorn is a little higher than the garden-varieties popcorn out there. But given the superior properties of Eureka Snacks popcorn, we believe it's a splendid tradeoff.

Want to give Eureka Snacks a go? You'll be happy to learn they're available online. Prefer to buy them from an actual shop? Then you can see here which sales location is closest to you.

Happy popping!

-- Loving Anambas --

Note: Over-indulging in savoury/sweet snacks, even snacks that are not very salty/sweet, may lead to excessive intake of sodium/sugar.