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Tioman Ferry

If, like countless others travelers, you've heard of this beautiful island, Pulau Tioman, and you wonder how to go there and experience it's paradise shores, then the information on this page will be like taking your first step there.

Tioman Island, or Pulau Tioman in local parlance, is a lone little gem of an island situated about 45 kilometers east off the mainland of Peninsula Malaysia. Whilst there are other smaller islands that are part of the same island archipelago as Tioman, Tioman Island is considered the show piece of all of them.

Quite easily accessible thorough out the year, apart from the December to February monsoon months, the idyllic white sandy beaches of Tioman has been providing travelers with exotic bliss since the early 1980's. After being recognized by TIME Magazine as one of the world's most beautiful islands, Tioman gained quite a following from pretty much every corner of the earth.

Tioman features stunning luscious beaches and a breathtaking emerald jungle backdrop so stunning, it wouldn't look amiss in a Hollywood movie. In fact, Tioman did actually appear in a Hollywood blockbuster called South Pacific, where it's given the name "Bali Hai. A testament to the islands unique beauty.

How to get to Tioman from Kuala Lumpur?
Traveling to Tioman is a breeze nowadays. From both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, there are buses and taxis available that take you all the way to the ferry town of Mersing. The drive takes approximately 5 hours, although this depends on traffic of course. There's also a plane from Kuala Lumpur to Tioman, but it's considered quite expensive.

If you've decided to take the bus to Tioman, make sure that you arrive about one hour before ferry departure time. Occasionally, the ferry needs to depart ahead of scheduled time, due to a squall arriving, for instance. In these cases, it's good to be early so you can still catch your ferry.
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Ferry tickets are available from any of the walk-in counters in Mersing or the little travel agents opposite the ferry terminal. However, if you want to ensure that you can catch your ferry in order to make it to Tioman to check into the hotel you've booked, then best book your ferry tickets online at an earlier date. Ferry tickets can be booked in advance on Tioman Ferry.

Tioman Ferry is endorsed by numerous hotels and resorts in Tioman, as well as a number of dive centres. It's one of the more established ferry ticket providers, even though their tickets may be a little higher than counter rate.

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Friendly resorts for a friendly price
Friendly resorts for a friendly price

Beach-walking along Tioman's untouched beaches
Long beaches, soft sand, ideal
for long lazy beach walks