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Anambas Ferry
Anambas Ferry
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Anambas Ferry
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Pulau Durai

Together with Pulau Mangkai, Pulai Pahat and Pulau Penjalin, Pulau Durai has been granted marine park status by the local Anambas government. The main reason for this has been the part played by these islands' as turtle nesting sites. Female hawksbill and green turtles come here year after year to lay their eggs. Indeed, turtle-watching has become one of the main draws on Pulau Durai.

But Pulau Durai has a lot more on offer. Apart from its spectacular panoramas, Durai is also a superb spot for beach activities, snorkeling, scubadiving, as well as off-shore angling. All this makes Pulau Durai pretty must a mandatory visit when trekking through Anambas.

Pulau Durai - where nature runs free
Pulau Durai - where nature runs free