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"It's not just a holiday, it's an adventure..."

Before setting out on your trip to Anambas, it's good to note that, in general, when going to some of the more remote, relatively undeveloped or unexplored territories, the chances of encountering one or two logistics or infrastructure glitches, or unforeseen circumstances, are not as infrequent as, for example, a holiday in more developed Asian countries like Japan, Singapore or Taiwan.

Some travelers, particularly those with a bit of an intrepid streak, might say that this is part of the adventure and, in fact, part of the whole appeal when journeying off the beaten track. This is true. In practice, however, especially when on a tight schedule, glitches or unforeseen circumstances, such as travel delays, don't necessarily come at an opportune moment.

This is something to keep in mind when traveling to Indonesia, and all the more so when venturing to Anambas.

When traveling to Anambas, having a certain degree of flexibility, both in your schedule and in your state of mind, is very rewarding. Once you have this, Anambas is amazing, not only for its awesome natural beauty, but also for the very reason that it's still largely unexplored, unspoilt and still very genuine.

Selamat Jalan ke Anambas.